About Us

In 2016, in addition to student loan debt reaching $1 trillion, surpassing credit card debt for the first time in history, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed cutting $9.8 Billion from education. Founder K. Grace knew that in order to break the legacy of financial ignorance that had suffocated generations prior, she had to step into action and work directly with young people to pass on her entrepreneurial, money management and investment knowledge and failures. With the help of her friends from the financial, entertainment, career and entrepreneurship worlds, she created a top notch curriculum to teach a small group of young people the lessons she and her peers wished they’d had prior to entering adulthood. Within one year of starting the program at one location in Compton, the program was implemented throughout Southern and Northern California. The Skillz team has been invited to teach the program in Georgia, Michigan and top underserved communities throughout The United States.

The mission of the organization is to ensure that every single young person has the skills necessary to build their own businesses, navigate the stock market, invest in property, responsibly manage money, build a thriving community, actualize AND monetize their dreams. 

It’s in our hands.