About Us

Skillz of Life is a library-based, 4-8 week long program that introduces underserved teens ages 11-17 to financial, wealth and personal management skills. Our mission is to ensure that every teenager has the skills necessary to build their own businesses, navigate the stock market, invest in property, responsibly manage money and build a thriving community. Participants will work individually, in teams and as a group to build, grow and become financially empowered. Students will play Robert Kiyosaki's award winning Cash Flow™  game to introduce them to real estate, investment, money management and entrepreneurship. In addition to the game, participants will meet with expert stock investors, wealth/money management investors, real estate investors, entrepreneurs,  cryptocurrency gurus, tax preparers and time management professionals guiding them through engaging games and assignments to give participants fundamentals of each subject. Each participant will gain a strong foundation and knowledge of making their money and time work for them, thereby creating a new generation of risk takers, entrepreneurs and financially empowered teens.